Astrology is Mumbo Jumbo

I accidentally lost three mobile phones in the last three years. Part of the blame should go to my astrologer who didn’t warn me of my ill-fated luck with mobiles. Let’s dig into this – At the time of my birth, the Sun was in the foreground of a random group of stars, which when

India is a Secular Country. Bazinga!

My teacher once told me that India is a secular country. Apparently, she lied. Wondering what else I was lied to about. Anyways, Eid Mubarak to all secularists, who, by the way, are in an alarmingly short supply in many parts of the nation. Luckily, I do not inhabit any such desolate place. மனிதனை மனிதனாய்

Perks of Religion and the Necessity of Reform

When religion can inspire splendid works of art, such as Thiruvasagam by Ilayaraja-Manickavasagar, it is hard to dismiss it as something trivial. Religion has to stay, and we have to find a way to consolidate it with rationalism. Certain aspects of Buddhism can be referenced, we can start from scratch, or update the existing doctrines.

We are fools! – Nationality and Religion

If you are willing to do an act for your country just because you were programmed to do so, no matter how irrational/gory it can be, think again! You were born in the so-called “your country/religion/region/caste” by accident. You had no say in it. By the same accident, you could have been born in your

Thoughts from a hurtling rock…

Living on a rock hurtling around the Sun, oblivious to the reign of physics and evolutionary biology, we go on with our lives filled with preposterous amounts of hubris. All it takes is another hurtling rock to send shivers down our spines and to prove our ludicrously pathetic condition, once and for all. அஹங்கார மானிடத்தின்