Month: June 2018

Astrology is Mumbo Jumbo

I accidentally lost three mobile phones in the last three years. Part of the blame should go to my astrologer who didn’t warn me of my ill-fated luck with mobiles. Let’s dig into this – At the time of my birth, the Sun was in the foreground of a random group of stars, which when

India is a Secular Country. Bazinga!

My teacher once told me that India is a secular country. Apparently, she lied. Wondering what else I was lied to about. Anyways, Eid Mubarak to all secularists, who, by the way, are in an alarmingly short supply in many parts of the nation. Luckily, I do not inhabit any such desolate place. மனிதனை மனிதனாய்

Perks of Religion and the Necessity of Reform

When religion can inspire splendid works of art, such as Thiruvasagam by Ilayaraja-Manickavasagar, it is hard to dismiss it as something trivial. Religion has to stay, and we have to find a way to consolidate it with rationalism. Certain aspects of Buddhism can be referenced, we can start from scratch, or update the existing doctrines.