Perks of Religion and the Necessity of Reform

When religion can inspire splendid works of art, such as Thiruvasagam by Ilayaraja-Manickavasagar, it is hard to dismiss it as something trivial. Religion has to stay, and we have to find a way to consolidate it with rationalism. Certain aspects of Buddhism can be referenced, we can start from scratch, or update the existing doctrines. I don’t know.

பொல்லா வினையேன்!
நின் பெருஞ் சீர் புகழுமாறு
ஒன்றறியேன்! ~ மாணிக்கவாசகர் (திருவாசகம்)

Pollaa vinaiyaen!
Nin perum cheer pugazhumaaru
Ondrariyaen! ~ Manickavasagar (Thiruvasagam)

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