We are fools! – Nationality and Religion

If you are willing to do an act for your country just because you were programmed to do so, no matter how irrational/gory it can be, think again!

  • You were born in the so-called “your country/religion/region/caste” by accident. You had no say in it. By the same accident, you could have been born in your rival country.
  • Our distant ancestors were roaming the plains of Africa. As our species spread across the planet, your ancestors happened to settle in “your country”. So, from an ancestral perspective, we are all Africans.

In the first case, you didn’t select the country you were born in. In the second case, your ancestors were from a totally different continent. So, don’t be a fool who justifies his/her irrational acts based on these random places of birth and arbitrary demarcations.

போர் செல்லும் வீரன் ஒரு தாய் மகன் தான்
நம்மில் யார் இறந்தாலும் ஒரு தாய் அழுவால்! பாரடா!!! ~ கமல் ஹாசன் (விஸ்வருபம்)

Por sellum veeran oru thaai magan dhaan
Nammil yaar irandhaalum oru thaai azhuvaal! Paarada!!! ~ Kamal Hassan (Viswaroopam)

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